Friday, April 22, 2011

why linaee

So, why the name linaee designs? Way back when, I took graphic design, design and advertising classes in college. I loved it, but knew that the market was very competitive and ended up with a major in college that encompassed many different mediums...all of which communicate. Eventually, I made up business cards and with them came the name linaee designs. linaee is my mother's name, Elaine, rearranged. I always wanted to use it as a middle name for my daughter. But I figured my two boys wouldn't appreciate that middle name as much. So, there it is.

This week, I have been working on a Zentangle Inspired Art piece closely related to spring and Easter. Thank you to Laura Harms at i am the diva czt blog for the Challenge. This is Challenge #18. It isn't anything like a contest at all, so don't worry about pressure. But, it is immensely invigorating and amazing to see the vast variety of work that is submitted from one idea. Please let me know if you decide to participate.

I am also working on adding a Challenge page so that I have all of my Challenges in one place. So, stay tuned...oh, and are you now wondering what Zentangle Inspired Art is? Take a look at Penny Raile's blog for a good explanation.

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