Thursday, April 21, 2011

my former life

In my former life, before I had kids, I was artsy. Artsy Fartsy, some might go so far to say. I dabbled in many different art forms, and felt at home doing most of them. I tried hard to break away from my perfectionist persona and just let it flow. Whether painting, drawing, writing poetry, making greeting cards, creating collage or altered books, I was at peace when I did these things. I was in the zone.

After years of devoting much of my time and energy to my family, I am excited to be dabbling again. A few years ago, a Friend from my Quaker Meeting came back from Friends General Conference and she had attended a session on SoulCollage. She shared some of her completed cards and I was intrigued. She allowed me to borrow her book and I began to do it. I shared it with a small group of women soon after.  Then serendipity stepped in and I found out that some of the women at work also had been doing SoulCollage. And, I began doing some of my favorite art pieces I have ever made. Small in scale, yet beyond my expectations.

Recently, in November 2010, my dear friend Kip introduced me to Zentangle. I was hooked immediately. While SoulCollage takes a lot of supplies, time and space, Zentangle is portable in the little mini kit that she supplied when I took her class. It also introduced me to a new way of being. A way to quiet my mind when I had been having some issue with doing just that as of recent. And, it brought easy access of art back into my life. Priceless.

Kip is now on the eve (practically) of her newest venture. She is opening an art studio called, Small but Mighty Arts. Thank you, Kip, and I can't wait to see what happens next...


  1. Céad míle fáilte le teaghlach Zentangle, Heather! It's always fun to find a 'new kid on the block' (and a new blog to follow!). Looking forward to seeing your tangles. (Kip is awesome, isn't she?) Welcome hugs to you from Australia! xxx

  2. As a person who is fed by collage, I resonate with your posting, Heather. I'll need to learn this Zentangle business. It would be useful when I need to center down, express myself in a creative way, and don't have my drum or my writing tools. Please post any future classes. Blessings!

  3. Thank you to you both. I expect this adventure will be fun and full of unexpected surprises, just like Zentangle. Merry, I know you would love this art form. I will be posting Kip's classes first and will go from there.